Superior Pre-engineered
Cleanroom Systems

Our modular cleanroom systems are manufactured to meet exacting cleanroom construction standards and offer an industry-leading fit and finish that prevents contaminant seepage through joints and gaps.

Filters Plus

Our Pre-engineered Cleanroom Systems
Superior Fit and Finish Ensures an
Air-tight Environment

Our pre-engineered cleanroom systems are custom designed and built with precise tolerances to meet your specific needs and classification requirements.
We have interfacing walls, floors, and ceilings with smooth edges, accurate cuts, and precisely mitered joints. This precision engineering ensures a tight, air-leak proof construction and assembly that facilitates air particle filtration, and the control of air flow, pressure, temperature and humidity. Our cleanroom interior surfaces and air plenums are made from non-particulate shedding materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, and pre-finished aluminum.

We GUARANTEE our modular cleanroom systems meet or exceed classification requirements 

Custom Built to Meet Your Specifications

Your Filters Plus representative will conduct a full needs assessment to determine your building’s size, features, facilities, and desired cleanroom classification. Our cleanroom systems are available in almost any size and configuration, and can be constructed with or without a load-bearing deck. They are designed to be installed inside existing buildings and facilities.  Our industry-leading fit and finish is durable, air-tight, non-shedding, and guaranteed to meet or exceed your cleanroom classification needs. 

  •  Cleanroom suspended ceiling grid systems.
  •  Factory framed openings for air devices, pass through cabinets and product conveying.
  •  A variety of windows including fixed windows with quarter inch tempered safety glass and aluminum frames.
  •  Multiple door options including swing and automatic doors.
  •  Power and data outlets where you need them via the raceways built into every aluminum stud.
  • Connections to plumbing and other services.

• ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8, USP compliant cleanrooms.
• Cleanroom construction consulting.
• Custom designs along with all necessary construction and installation drawings.
• Our modular cleanrooms can be dismantled, moved and reassembled. They can even be reconfigured to accommodate changing needs.
• Our modular cleanrooms are manufactured and installed 75 percent faster than conventional construction.
• Clean installation. Your cleanroom is delivered finished and ready to assemble. All the cutting, sanding and mess happens at our facility, not at your site.

Filters Plus

Do You Need a
Once-through System?

A once-through or single pass cleanroom draws air from the adjacent conditioned space through fan powered HEPA filter units mounted in the cleanroom ceiling grid system.
Air is returned back to the adjacent space through low-to-wall mounted grilles 

Filters Plus

Do You Need a Recirculating System?

Conditioned air is introduced to the sealed plenum for recirculation by fan powered HEPA filter units mounted in the cleanroom ceiling grid system.
Clean air is returned to the sealed plenum through low-to-wall grilles mounted in return air chase walls.
Warm air is returned to the air handling system through conventional ductwork 

Cleanroom Classifications Explained

Cleanrooms are classified by the number and size of particles found in a cubic meter of air. They are classified under ISO 14644-5:2004 and Federal Standard 209E. For example, a cubic meter of urban air has around 35,200,000 particles that are 0.5 microns or larger. By comparison, an ISO 5 cleanroom allows only 3,520 particles of that size in the same volume of air.

Filters Plus

Modular Cleanroom Applications

• Clean manufacturing

• CMM rooms

• Composite lay-up and bonding

• Controlled environments

• Laboratories

• Life science industry

• Medical device production and packaging

• Nanotechnology pharmaceutical industry

• Optic assembly and packaging 

• Semiconductor wafer fabrication production 

• USP compliant sterile compounding pharmacies 

• USP compliant non-sterile compounding pharmacies


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